We Have Arrived

After a pretty intense week of preparations, we boarded our flight from Knoxville to Atlanta on Wednesday the 23rd. From Atlanta, it was on to Minneapolis and then the long flight to Reykjavík — where we landed the next day.

Once we arrived, several members of Redeemer City Church of Reykjavík greeted us at the airport to take us to the apartment — in which we found a ready-to-bake, home-cooked meal (as well as some pantry and fridge essentials) that those same amazing people (and a few others) had left us. It was an incredibly kind gesture and a very warm welcome into the country.

The rest of the afternoon was filled with unpacking, a much-needed recovery nap from the flights, and a walk around the area.

Today will be some more unpacking/arranging and dinner with the church. First things first, though: must get coffee.


When you’re experiencing the reality of leaving family and friends (all the while unsure of how long that absence will be), it’s easy to get swept up in that reality and maybe even the pure chaos of moving. And we did. There was just so much going on between selling the other car, getting everything out of the apartment, and condensing all of our things + stuff into a few suitcases.

However, on our last morning, we met up with our moms to have breakfast at Maple Street Biscuit Company. If you’ve ever been, you know that they use answers to different and unique questions to identify your food when letting you know that your order is ready. For example, they might ask you “what was your first car?” Then, when your order is up, they’d call out “Buick Regal!” and you’d know that your deliciousness is ready. (Yes, my first car was a Buick Regal — velour interior and all.)

That morning, the question was “what’s an item on your bucket list?”. I can’t remember what answer we chose for our group order but a few minutes later, they call out “Iceland!” and we kind of look around at each other. Iceland was not the answer we chose.

Of all of the different questions this restaurant asks and of all the mornings, the mom and daughter that came in right before us had chosen Iceland as their answer.

I do firmly believe in coincidence but sometimes you just have to acknowledge that the Sovereign Creator of the universe — to whom we’re connected, spiritually — is just giving you a reminder that you’re on the right path.

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