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New Worship Space

Winter… has arrived! We’re just barely into November and we’re seeing some ice and snow blanket the ground. Should be an interesting scenario for us southern folk. 😉 🥶 🇮🇸

A neighborhood and playground outside of our apartment.

Redeemer City Worship

Meanwhile, the Redeemer City church family has — as of yesterday morning — begun meeting in a public worship space in an area called “Skeifan”!

The Redeemer City church family — in our new worship space!

This area is frequently-traveled, composed of local businesses, and is located somewhat in between Reykjavík and Kópavogur (where we’re currently living). We’re incredibly grateful that the leadership of Redeemer was able to find a space that could comfortably seat our existing members and attendees at a surprisingly affordable cost per month.

It was, we believe, a providential find for two reasons.

  1. Very little in Iceland falls under that category of “affordable” — especially spaces in which people can live or gather. This space can also comfortably seat additional members and attendees as the need arises or for fellowship gatherings and meetings throughout the week.
  2. The timing was just right. The various apartments in which we’ve been meeting from week to week were starting to get a bit cramped for the 15-25 people that were making their way to worship every Sunday morning. Not only was this starting to make worship, fellowship, and conversation a bit challenging, but we also weren’t yet at a position to plant. (Ours is still a young ministry in a country where concepts like ‘small church gatherings’ and ‘planting’ aren’t all that common.)


Do you all have questions about anything I’ve mentioned thus far — re: the church gathering, church space, living in Iceland, etc.? I’d legitimately love to discuss. We can exchange emails or set up a call or whatever.


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