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Becoming members of Redeemer City

This past Sunday, we had our 3rd worship service at Redeemer City Church of Reykjavik and this coming Sunday, July 18th, Heather and I will be voted on to become official members of the church. This has been a long time coming and we’re extremely grateful to be a part of this church family. (Fingers crossed for a unanimous vote! 😉)

We’re continuing to learn how to acclimate to a different culture and, simultaneously, how to deal with the separation from friends and family — but, rest assured, we’re doing okay!

Here’s the part where I remind you to shoot us a message every now and then. We have the joint account on Instagram, we both still have our same numbers and email addresses, I’m on Marco Polo, and Heather posts on Facebook regularly. (I’m on FB as well but very rarely check it.)

In addition to prayer on that front, we’ll always seek out and welcome prayer for the vision, mission, and purpose of Redeemer City.

And a few random updates

  • We’re hosting a fellowship potluck tonight (July 14th) with the church! It’s our first with Redeemer City and we’re very much looking forward to it.
  • Zoe’s finally losing some baby teeth. She’s lost two since we’ve been up here and a third is on its way out. (Oddly, I’ve lost the same amount… maybe it’s the sulfur in the water. #jk)
  • The plan is for both girls to start school in August (if everything goes according to plan and we’re able to stay).
  • I’m on week three of working remotely… and I was able to cobble together a home office set up that isn’t wrecking my spinal column. (My remote work opportunity is how we’re able to be + stay in Iceland for a little while and I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity.)
  • And, lastly, we’ve both begun language lessons. It can be a beautiful language but it’s a difficult one to pick up on.

That’s all for now. Comment with any questions!

— J

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