Just a quick update.

Greetings, all!

It’s been a hot minute since we last gave an update on all things Iceland (read the Intro page for a refresher) so we wanted to let you know where we were with everything.

We mentioned last year that it was our intent to:

  1. sell our home,
  2. sell our van and truck,
  3. move our family to Iceland,
  4. leave by Summer-Fall 2020, and
  5. remain there for a minimum of 1-2 years.

It’s been about a year since we last talked about all of that and, well, we we got like one-and-a-half of those things done.

Andy Samberg - Cool Cool Cool

And although we’ve encountered a lot of setbacks since then (global pandemic, family matters, closed borders, etc.), we feel like the timing of everything has more to do with what we can’t see/experience right now rather than what we can.

In other words, God has been preparing some valuable conversations in and around Reykjavík — conversations that maybe weren’t quite ready to happen until the timing was right.

As of right now, we’ll be leaving towards the end of June. 

We’ve definitely been hesitant to mention yet another departure date due to all of the setbacks that we’ve encountered, but we also wanted everyone to be aware. 

As for the duration of the stay, we’re just trying to leave that up to what God continues to imprint on us — and, to be honest, we pray that we’ll be patient enough to listen.

Thanks so much for all the prayers and support during this past year — it’s been a journey already, for sure — and we’re excited to see what the next chapter brings!

Most sincerely,
Jason + Heather

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