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A Few Updates

Apologies for the radio silence as of late!

While there hasn’t been a lot of major things going on, we’ve definitely been keeping ourselves busy! Here’s a quick recap:

  • We finally made it into a longer-term, less chaotic apartment.
  • Heather started Icelandic classes at the University of Iceland*. It’s an intense language to pick up!
  • The girls kicked off their school year (3rd and 6th grade) and they’ve already been making some good friends — from Canada and Russia, no less!
  • ‘Community Group’ with our church family, Redeemer City, got started again and we’ve moved to a weekly schedule. (This is a more informal time to check in with each other and explore a different area of scripture than we do on Sundays.)
  • 2 out of 4 Heydasches tested positive for COVID and we spent about 20 days in isolation. Everybody’s okay though! We had symptoms but we’re thinking the vaccine dramatically lessened the extent to which we were vulnerable. We wrapped up isolation about a week ago… and not a moment too soon. #4Humans #SmallApartment #StirCrazy

We’ll post about a few of these items in a bit more depth in the near future but that’s all we have for now. Just wanted to let you know the routine 40-50 mph winds hadn’t blown us off the island just yet. 😂

Be sure to reach out with any questions you might have!

* By the way, the University of Iceland offers tuition to students at an extremely low cost. It would be an incredible opportunity whether you or someone you know is looking at college post-high school… or just looking to mix things up later in life. And there’s a ton of cool people around. 😉

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Oh my gosh, we miss you guys and can’t wait for the day we can come visit for an extended time! So glad the winds haven’t blown you away. 🙂 #memories #goodtimes

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